About Us Company History | Our Facilities | Our Future Company History Delmar Disposal began in 1988 when Delmar Ham and a partner purchased 1 Keith Huber vacuum truck. Later that same year a jetter was purchased to enhance the capabilities of cleaning lines as well as grease and sand traps. Most of our competition was vacuuming and scrapping the walls of traps and offered no line cleaning for their customers. When we clean a trap we always use high pressure water to break up and remove all debris from the traps. This extra service extends the cleaning service and keeps the lines cleaner going to the city sewers. With that philosophy Delmar grew to the present 8 vacuum truck units and have expanded their services to the environmental clean-ups, tank cleaning and recycling as well maintaining their services in the grease and sand trap industry. In 2002 Delmar Disposal installed a recycling facility to recycle ground water contaminated with hydro-carbons. We spent a great deal of time and effort researching this system and Mr. Ham and General Manager Dennis Neitzel put together a system using a variety of the best technology in the recycling industry. We are the only POTW to ever be permitted in the city of Dallas. As a recycler of contaminated waste water we are monitored by the city of Dallas on a regular basis and our discharge has always been in accordance with specifications required by the city for discharge into the city sewer system. In the first six months of operation we have recycled over 1,000,000 gallons of water. We currently do not take waste water from other haulers unless we know what the water contains and where it came from. This eliminates any contamination of our system that might affect our discharge. For fast, courteous, 24 hour service, call us today!
Delmar Disposal Company Inc.

8508 C F Hawn Fwy
Dallas, TX 75217

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