About Us Company History | Our Facilities | Our Future Our Facilities Our recycle facility includes several fail safe systems of checks and balances to prevent any contaminated water from ever reaching the final discharge point. All hydro-carbons are kept in the system until a sufficient amount has been generated to be transported to an approved disposal or recycler facility. This system has saved our customers and Delmar Disposal Co. thousands of dollars in transportation and labor costs. We are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week to accept waters not suitable to discharge to the sewer or storm water system. Many times Delmar Disposal has worked around the clock to remove ground water from tank holes so work would not be hampered and the holes could be refilled. We remove all types of waters from fuel tanks, tank cleaning and monitoring wells to recycle. For fast, courteous, 24 hour service, call us today! Click on the images below to see more of our facilities.

Delmar Disposal Company Inc.

8508 C F Hawn Fwy
Dallas, TX 75217

Office 214-391-1109
Fax 214-391-7124
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